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The Benefits of Black Seed Oil_What makes a good black seed oil supplement graphic of the fitimins supplement

The Benefits of Black Seed Oil: What is it and how will it help me?

Black seed oil has been utilised by cultures all over the world for centuries and has a diverse range of uses. The oil was commonly used in traditional medicines but in recent years has become a trend amongst newer generations as a way of improving hair health, skin health and general ailments.

In this blog, we’ll talk you through what exactly black seed oil is, its multitude of uses and the benefits it can have on your health. We’ll also delve into what makes a good quality black seed oil so you can purchase the best one for you.

What is black seed oil, image of black seed

What is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is a multipurpose oil made from the Nigella sativa plant. The oil is made by pressing the seeds of the plant into a liquid form. Black seed oil has a variety of uses and is commonly used in cooking to add flavour to curries, as dressing in salads and as an ingredient in baking and bread making.

The oil is also used by many for its potential health benefits and is regularly turned into supplements as well as being included in some cosmetics and topical products. 

Benefits of black seed oil image woman looking at hair in mirror

Benefits of Black Seed Oil Supplements

Many people across the world use black seed oil and claim that it benefits health. It can be used in oil form or included in shampoos to support hair health, added to topical skin treatments, or ingested in supplement form. 

Scientific studies have found that black seed oil has various therapeutic effects including antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can potentially help manage a range of conditions.

Weight loss

Studies into obesity have shown that black seed can be a great supplement for supporting weight loss. Clinical trials found that taking black seed for 3 months significantly reduced waist circumference in many participants and also resulted in overall weight loss


If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, you might be able to use black seed supplements to help manage the condition. Black seed can help to lower blood sugar levels and increase natural serum insulin production, reducing the chances of hyperglycemia. 


There is proven research into the effectiveness of black seed in reducing acne. One study found that after using a topical treatment for 2 months participants saw a reduction in acne and an improvement in symptoms due to the antimicrobial effects of black seed. 


Topical creams containing black seed can have a significant effect in treating and reducing the severity of psoriasis. Individuals saw an almost complete resolution of their psoriasis after trialing black seed treatment for 12 weeks. 


Black seed can also help sufferers of eczema manage the condition and its severity. Applied as a cream, research found that not only did black seed reduce the severity of eczema but it also improved patients’ quality of life. This means it could be a great solution for you if eczema impacts your health and wellbeing.  

If you’re suffering from skin conditions like acne, eczema or psoriasis, there are a range of potential benefits of black seed oil on skin and it could prove effective in reducing inflammation and irritation.

Skin infections

If you’re suffering from scrapes or minor wounds, the thymoquinone in black seed could help heal your wounds and prevent infection due to the antibacterial and anti inflammatory qualities it offers. Scientists found that when applied to the skin, black seed extract can successfully treat existing skin infections.

Hair health

Many people use black seed oil as a hair treatment and claim that it produces great effects. The antioxidant and antibacterial qualities in black seed might be a valuable aid in helping to manage dandruff and fight scalp conditions. Many influencers swear by black seed oil to keep their hair healthy and clean, although there is little clinical research to support this. 

Digestive health

The anti-inflammatory properties of black seed oil could be great for stomach issues and the thymoquinone present in the seed has been proven to both prevent and alleviate symptoms of various gastrointestinal diseases. 

Male reproductive health

Studies have found that there could be a possibility for black seed oil to help treat male infertility. It was found that taking black seed can improve male reproductive health and there was a documented increase in sperm count and mobility

Further research however is needed to determine if these factors can actually increase chances of conception.


Black seed oil has been shown to help alleviate nasal symptoms like runny nose, congestion, facial pressure and irritation in a number of different conditions. Those who suffer from sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and chronic rhinosinusitis all felt relief from their symptoms when taking black seed oil across a number of different studies. 


A number of clinical studies have found that black seed oil can have a positive effect on allergy related symptoms, inflammation and immune system response in relation to asthma. 

The limitation to this research however is that there is little data on human asthma and as such more investigation is needed.


For those who suffer from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties black seed oil can reduce symptoms of pain and inflammation in joints. 

Relaxation and sleep

Your key to a good night’s sleep might just be black seed supplements. It has been shown that taking black seed in supplement form can not only help you relax ready for bedtime, but it can also induce a more restful sleep and increase sleep quality.

Memory and focus

If you’re in need of that extra boost to keep your focus during work or are hoping to improve your memory for assessments then black seed could be the perfect supplement. Research has found the seed can improve memory and learning so not only could it help you cement already existing knowledge but it might help you take in something new.

How long should I take black seed for image showing black seed plant

Black Seed Oil Side Effects

Black seed oil in itself is a natural product and is considered safe. However, as with any substance you use or consume there can still sometimes be some mild side effects. It is nevertheless rare to see any serious side effects arise from taking black seed oil.

In terms of mild side effects from ingesting the oil in supplement form, you could experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, or stomach problems. It’s important to mention though that these side effects can occur with just about any vitamin or substance you put into your body.

One side effect to be more wary of is the potential for black seed to lower blood sugar. This may be of concern if you have low blood sugar or you are taking medications to lower blood sugar. Always keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels and consult a doctor before using black seed oil if you have blood sugar irregularities. 

When ingested or used on the skin, black seed oil could cause an allergic reaction or irritation in some people. If you ever experience burning, redness, itching or any other concerning changes when using black seed or any other topical products, always consult a doctor straight away.

There is also a possibility that black seed supplements can interact with other medications and decrease their efficiency or produce some ill effects. If you are taking any prescription medications, regular over the counter medications or undergoing other long term medical treatments, always ensure you speak with your health care provider before taking black seed. 

Despite the presence of these mild side effects it is important to note that studies have concluded that side effects are not serious and there is no evidence to link Nigella sativa to any health issues.

How do I take black seed oil image showing person taking a supplement

How Do I Take Black Seed Oil?

Due to its diverse list of uses, black seed can be taken in a number of different ways.


Black seed oil can be added to body creams, moisturisers, shampoos, hair oils and other products and used as normal. It can also be applied directly to the skin, using a few drops in oil form and massaged in until absorbed.


You can take black seed oil via the mouth in many forms. You can swallow a black seed supplement or ingest the oil by eating it on a spoon. Always follow dosage and usage guidelines on supplements and health oils.

The oil itself does however have an unpleasant taste so you can also mix it into drinks with sugar or honey to mask the taste. 

You can additionally use the oil in cooking, as part of a dressing for salads or as an ingredient during baking. It can also be mixed and diluted with other oils of your choosing. 

How often can I take black seed oil image showing black seed plant and loose seeds

How Often Can I Take Black Seed Oil?

There is no set amount to how much black seed oil you can take in general, but there are guidelines on different products regarding dosage that should be strictly followed. 

When taking black seed in oil form, it is recommended to take no more than 3 teaspoons of black seed oil a day. You can also dilute the oil by mixing it into food and drink or incorporate it into your cooking and still receive the health benefits.

When taking black seed oil supplements, never exceed the dosage outlined on each manufacturer’s bottle. Different brands may offer different strengths of supplements and the number of capsules to take daily can change too. That’s why it’s important to only take one type of black seed supplement at a time and ensure that any other supplements you are taking do not contain this ingredient.

There is little research into the effects of taking too much black seed oil, but an excess amount could lead to an increased chance of side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and stomach upset. There have also been extreme cases where taking an excess of black seed oil led to kidney damage, so it is always best to air on the side of caution. 

How long should I take black seed for image showing black seed plant

How Long Should I Take Black Seed For?

In terms of the duration you should take black seed oil for, there is no set guideline for how long it should be taken. 

There are no clinical trials involving black seed oil that lasted more than 3 months, so the effects of the substance on the body have not been monitored longer than this duration of time. As such, it is generally suggested to take black seed oil for 1-3 months and then consult with a doctor for further guidance.

Who Shouldn't Take Black Seed Oil Supplements?

As black seed is deemed safe, it can generally be taken by most people. However, there are some individuals who should not take it. Black seed oil supplements are not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18.

Additionally, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is best to avoid taking the supplements or contact your doctor to seek advice should you wish to take them. Never take any medications or supplements of any kind if you are pregnant or breastfeeding without consulting with a healthcare professional first.

As previously mentioned, black seed oil may have effects on other medications you are taking so again you should not take these supplements without contacting your doctor first. Individuals on the following medications should exercise caution and seek medical advice:

  • Diabetic medications
  • Low blood pressure medication
  • High blood pressure medication
  • Sedatives
  • Immunosuppressants
  • Diuretics 
  • Anticoagulants
  • Medications that slow blood clotting
  • Antidepressants
What makes a good black seed oil supplement image showing supplement bottle

What Makes A Good Black Seed Oil Supplement?

When looking for a black seed oil supplement, you’ll want to look for a product that contains the highest purity of black seed oil as possible. Many supplements include additional vitamins and ingredients which may be useful in themselves but lessen the percentage of black seed present in each capsule. If you want to maximise the health benefits of black seed oil, go for a supplement that is as close to 100% as possible.

Our black seed oil softgel supplements are 100% pure containing only cold pressed organic black cumin seed oil inside each softgel capsule.  We formulate our products here in the UK and use the highest purity extract and nutrients with the highest bioavailability. This means that every supplement like our black seed oil allows you to receive maximum benefits on the body and mind, all for an affordable price. 

Black seed oil and black seed supplements are sold in a range of stores including health food shops, pharmacies and cosmetics shops. Black seed has a brilliant range of benefits that have been scientifically proven to affect your body, making it a great option for individuals wanting natural products that might really benefit your health.

There could be a range of brilliant effects from taking Nigella sativa seeds but it’s important to remember to consult with your doctor before trying them and remain aware of any potential side effects.  

We hope all your questions on black seed oil have been answered and if you’re looking to make your first steps to trying out supplements, take a look at our very own expertly made quiz to find out which supplements are the right ones for you.